Why become a Member of the AEAV?

Membership with the AEAV (United Voice Ambulance Section) provides benefits to you that go beyond the benefits of Enterprise Bargaining services, industrial and advocacy representation services, Award interpretations and ensuring you receive your rightful entitlements.

Recently the AEAV together with the BankVic [was Police Credit] developed the AEAV Income Protection Scheme. To be eligible members must be a member of both the AEAV and BankVic. Visit BankVic website for more information.

The Union also provides access to a wide range of services, some of which are free and others that are strongly discounted.  All are recommended and are available to save you money.  For further information contact the Union Office.

Download and fill out the AEAV United Voice Application form and become a member today.

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Tell Premier Napthine to value our ambos!

Victoria has Australia’s best cardiac arrest survival rates, but for how much longer?

Victoria’s ambulance system faces a major crisis because we’re losing experienced paramedics.

  • We are the lowest paid paramedics in Australia. In other states, paramedics can earn almost $25,000 more.
  • 81% of paramedics surveyed say that there aren’t enough paramedics to cover Victoria’s existing needs.
  • 1500 of us – more than half of the ambulance service – are preparing to quit over the next five years, which will have a devastating effect on response times and clinical standards.

And Premier Denis Napthine is making matters worse. His government refuses to value Victorian paramedics for our essential life-saving skills.

At the same time, the cost of living continues to soar; it is getting harder to support our families; and we’re falling further behind interstate paramedics.

We love serving the Victorian community, but if these conditions continue many of us will be forced to find work elsewhere.


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